DTOX - We are in this together.

Get ready to quit!

THE app to help you
overcome your dependencies

Join the most effective mobile application to help you move forward. DTOX not only tracks your daily progress but also helps you to build the support structure that everyone needs when trying to change their life. DTOX allows you to stay connected 24/hrs a day.

By incorporating DTOX into your daily routine, you will be taking an important step on the road to recovery.

Start today!

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Features to set you up for success

  1. Keep up with detailed clocks

    DTOX makes it easy to follow your day count in real-time using our attractive day counter screens. Daily alerts and emails help to maintain your focus throughout the day, serving as reminders of how well you are doing.

  2. Inspiration and motivation

    Create your own personal Fan Club whose members receive periodic email updates on your progress.

  3. Maintain your privacy

    With DTOX you select a confidential user name. You have the option to remain private or to share your user name and allow others to follow your progress.

  1. Track your progress

    See how your cravings and mood change over time and share these ups and downs with your Support Community. Keep a photo journal of your transformation. These features will demonstrate that overcoming your dependency does get easier.

  2. Build your personal
    Support Community

    Share your user name with other DTOX subscribers and support each other's progress. This feature allows you to track day counts, moods, and dependencies, for members of your customized Support Community.